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Professional Path (13 years of Guaranteed Education program)

The 13 years of mandatory education policy program has been initiated as an immediate solution for the problem of a considerable number of students leaving the school due to many reasons. This program will support the development of technical, vocational and social skills of all children who need to contribute to the effective economic development of the country. Under this program, a new vocational stream for GCE A/L was introduced to develop the skills and to protect the right to education of all children.

This vocational stream structure will consist of three main components – General component, Applied subjects (Vocational Skill area) and Industrial Training. All the subjects in the common component will be taught at the school level and it is compulsory for all the students who get enrolled to follow the vocational subjects to follow the common component. After following the common component for a period of 06 months, 26 vocational subjects will be introduced for the next 18 months. Student must select one vocational subject after completing the common component and they will be directed appropriately to vocational training institutes and private training institutes for vocational training.

The pilot program commenced on October 2017 in 42 schools in order to obtain experience of program fitness, acceptance and feasibility and implementation issues. Also an online data entry system was introduced to those 42 schools to gather administrative, students’, teachers’ and finance data.

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